6th anniversary of the murder of Burak Bektaş – Burak Bektaş unforgotten – Let us remember – We want the truth!

Sunday, 8th of April // 2 pm Manifestation // U-Bahnof/Subway-Station: Britz Süd // Berlin

On April 5, 2012 Burak Bektaş was murdered in the streets of Berlin-Neukölln. Without uttering a word, a perpetrator fired several shots at a group of five young people meeting at a bus stop. As he had appeared, he disappeared, calmly walking away. The youths had never seen him before. Alex and Jamal survived seriously injured. To date, the police and the public prosecutor’s office have not been able to present any results of the investigation. We‘re assuming that it was a racist motivated attack on Burak and his friends.

For six years, we‘ve been criticizing the investigation as inadequate and have been demanding clarification. This will not be overlooked in the future: On the 6th anniversary of Burak’s death, we will erect a two-metre-high bronze sculpture in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene. It is called „Algorithm for Burak and Similar Cases“ and was designed by the artist Zeynep Delibalta. This memorial stands for all the pain, grief and anger Burak’s family and friends have felt since the murder. It will be a place of remembrance and encounter and will publicly point out, that the central demand for a consistent investigation has not yet been fulfilled. We will cement this criticism of the failure of the investigating authorities in public space.

We demand a fresh start for the investigation!

We want to know the truth about the murder!

2 pm Demonstration to the memorial (meeting point: Metro station Britz Süd)
from 3 p.m. inauguration of the sculpture at the memorial site (Rudower Str./Möwenweg)

Initiative for the investigation of the murder of Burak Bektaş
Burak Memorial Association e.V. (in the process of foundation)