Heute wäre Luke Holland 36 Jahre alt geworden — Our Hearts are with you today

Our Hearts are with you today – it´s the 36th birthday of Luke Holland today.

Luke was brutally murdered on Septembre 20th, 2015 by Nazi Rolf Zielezinski in Berlin Neukölln. He was 31 years at the time, a young British lawyer and he lived in Berlin.

In the court case the judge did not want to recognize a right wing motive of the murderer, which is why the perpetrator in July 2016 was convicted for the murder of Luke Holland to only 11 1/2 years of imprisonment. In contrast to this, as the court itself noted, the apartment of the perpetrator was full of Nazi devotionalia, Hitler busts, a Landser poster, various manipulated and ready to shoot weapons, ammunition and a kilo of black powder. The murderer had spoken contemptuously about „the foreigners“ in the neighbourhood on several occasions as well. The court was also aware that Zielezinski had complained, that in the bar Del Rex, in front of which he later committed the murder, only English had been spoken.

Rita Holland, the mother of Luke Holland, died last year, on October 21st, 2019, because she could no longer bear the pain of having lost her son. The death of Rita Holland has also to be attributed to the Nazi Rolf Zielezinski.
Rita and Phil said: „Luke had to die, because he spoke English.“

The parents of Luke Holland, Rita and Phil, said repeatedly during the trial of their son’s murderer in Berlin, that their son would still be alive, had the murder of Burak Bektaş been seriously investigated. Burak Bektaş was shot dead on April 5th, 2012 in Berlin- Neukölln, two of his friends survived seriously injured. Who did the killing is still undetermined.

Phil Holland wanted to be in Berlin with us today to remember Luke and celebrate his birthday together with us. The Corona crises made this impossible. Until today Phil Holland demands clarification in the case of the murder of Burak Bektaş!

Greetings to Manchester. Our hearts are with you.